Customer Testimonials

I could not be happier...

My recent installation of a Generac generator by Bob Garrett Services went as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Everything was done with no inconvenience to me and everything was left in the neatest possible fashion. All necessary permits were applied for and displayed properly throughout the installation. I could not be happier with both my Generac generator and my Generac dealer, Bob Garrett Services.

-Gayle / Roanoke, VA 9/16/17

We were very pleased with this dealer!

Bob and his team did a great job. We are happy with the generator.

-Connie / Roanoke, VA 5/13/13

Top of the line company!

The installation of our Generac generator was done in a very professional, timely, smooth, and excellent way. Bob Garrett and team did an absolutely fabulous job throughout the entire process. We loved the service we were provided and would definitely recommend him to others. Keep up the good work and best wishes!

-MPadge2013 / Roanoke, VA 5/20/13

Great job

Bob Garrett installed 18kw system for us in April 2013. They did a great job and everything was installed professionally. Their work was clean and neat - and the 'fit and finish' of the installation was top notch. We were prepared to have to remove a few boxwoods at the installation site, but they were able to get it done without removing any shrubs. We couldn't be happier with their work - we would recommend them to all.

-SoRo / Roanoke, VA 6/3/13

Dealer is a true professional!

Gave complete description of job he would do. Gave accurate time estimate to complete and was punctual. Final price matched his quote. Took time to answer my questions and review future maintenance requirements. Have already recommended the dealer to friends and neighbors!

-Sally / Roanoke, VA 7/3/13

Quick an efficient service

Great install of a whole house generator. Service was quick and efficient.

-Matt / Roanoke, VA 9/17/13

There is nothing like peace of mind.

On January 7th it was in the single digits outside. My 73 year old mother was having surgery that morning and we were dreading going outside at all. After her surgery was over she was not feeling well and yet we had to go to a local pharmacy to fill a prescription. While in line at the drug store our neighbors called to let us know that the entire area had lost power and it was 8 degrees outside! She also said she could hear our generator running like a champ. I cannot express the sigh of relief I felt knowing that on top of all of my concerns that day, I didn't have to worry about taking my mother home to a cold house. I am extremely grateful for Bob and his team, and for Generac. What a life saver!

-Abbie / Roanoke, VA 1/20/14

Would recommend

The only problem I have with this review is that I can't give them 10 stars. Bob and his staff even monitor my generator status changes. Great team.

-Joe / Boones Mill, VA 5/21/14

Excellent dealer, excellent job!

The dealer gave us a clear and thorough presentation of our options and the expected cost of each. The installation was first rate, and the communication with the dealer and the installers throughout has been excellent as well. We are very pleased with our new generator, which backs up power and most of the house as well as for some life-support medical equipment.

-Larry / Roanoke, VA 4/30/15

Excellent Job

Had 22kw generator / new 200 amp electrical box installed week of Sept 12 2016 . Were very professional, friendly and knowledgeable during the install. After the job was done you would not have known anyone was there. I would without hesitation use them for all my home repair jobs. If you are looking for someone to do your install they are the choice no one will beat their price.

-Tpal9 / Roanoke, VA 09/18/16

Great install.

Bob and his associate ( Bobbie) were great. They were very professional and knowledgeable and maintained a friendly manner at all times. Bob kept us informed on what he was doing at all times. This is a project I started a few years ago and had them come in to complete it. They finished up and tested it within three days and were able to have the county inspectors sign off on the install the following morning. They also cleaned up everything after they finished! I have already recommend Bob to one of our neighbors for a install . Good Work.

-D.A. / Roanoke, VA 5/18/17

Very professional!

Bob Garrett and Company did an outstanding job in ordering , installing and making sure that we got what we wanted. All of his staff are excellent!

-Happy Customer / Roanoke, VA 6/30/17

Bob Garrett was great to do business with!

From the time we initially spoke to Bob about a generator to the time it was installed was less than 3 weeks. The installation took 3 days. All our questions were answered and if he wasn't 100% sure about some of our vague questions he called Generac to get an answer. I would not hesitate to use Bob Garrett Services again.

-Steve / Roanoke, VA 10/11/17